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Gaana Pehchaana's Mission

To increase the appreciation of hindi film music(HFM) through quizzes, games, blogs and other contents that will entertain and inform HFM fans!

Hindi Film Music(HFM) - A National Treasure

Hindi films have delighted audiences and listeners with their music from as far back as the 1930's all the way to today and are truly a national treasure! The music from the films has consistently set a higher standard of excellence and entertainment than the films themselves and often outlast them in popularity by decades. Yet, the people behind these songs - composers, singers, lyricists and instrumentals - don't get anywhere near the recognition that the stars acting in the films do. Gaana Pehchaana is a small effort to pay tribute to all these artists and their creations which have enriched the lives of millions of people over many decades

We believe that HFM is a cultural treasure and we encourage all HFM fans to...

  • Listen, really listen to the music
  • Understand and appreciate the lyrics
  • Explore songs from all decades
  • Buy your copies of the music

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


(Frequently Asked Questions)


Question : Do I need to pay for playing games?

Answer : No. currently all games are free. However, in the very near future we will introduce a 'subscription' model. Depending on the subscription you choose, your access to the number of games you can ploy, blogs you can read, songs you can listen to. may be affected.

Question : Can I download songs from your site?

Answer : Not at all. We encourage you to buy your own copies of the music. We are purely an audio-streaming site from a Radio perspective. but our core concept is to play GAMES based on Bollywood Music.

Question: What is the concept of Sa Re Go Ma Pa when l am playing a game?

Answer : All our music clips are 'rated' by their difficulty levels. As you move from a Sa level clip to Pa level clip, the clips get more difficult to guess. thus making the games more interesting.

Question: Do I win something as I climb up on the Leaderboard?

Answer : Absolutely! Every now and then we run promos and specials where we send Gift Cards to our loyal fan base encouraging them to play more and climb up on the leaderboard.