Spark gone? Rafi Saab to the rescue!

“ One evening, while wandering among the alleys of Hindi Film Music, we came across a small office with a sign that says “Help for Troubled Relationships!”  Curious, we went in.  Mind you, not because our relationship was in trouble or anything … just curious!  The office was empty except for a couple of comfortable … Continue reading Spark gone? Rafi Saab to the rescue!

Bengali Music Influences in HFM

“ I am a Bengali “babumashai”, grown up in Kolkata in the 60s and 70s and loved both “Adhunik Bangla gaan” (modern Bengali songs) and Hindi Film Music (HFM). When it comes to popular music, there is no Bengali word equivalent to “Oldies” or “Easy Listening”. Even the songs recorded in 50s or 60s are … Continue reading Bengali Music Influences in HFM

Crossover musicians– Bengal and Bollywood

“ Expanding on the theme I talked about in an earlier blog titled “Bengali Music Influences in HFM”, let’s explore a little further some of the common music between Bengal and Bollywood. Over the years, many Bengali composers and singers had crossed the boundaries between Bengal and Bollywood and had very successful careers in both … Continue reading Crossover musicians– Bengal and Bollywood

RD Burman – Hit Songs, Flop Movies?

“ WARNING: This article has been penned by a die-hard R.D.Burman fan. Any biases and prejudices, please be excused! 🙂 RD Burman or Pancham Da! – the name itself rings melody. He reigned supreme, churning out hit after hit from the early 60's right up until his untimely demise in 1994. Even though his first official debut movie is "Chhote Nawab (1962)", he had been working under the … Continue reading RD Burman – Hit Songs, Flop Movies?

Melody LLP – (Lata/Laxmi/Pyare)

“ Top 10 Lata-Laxmi Pyare Songs   Did you know that Lata Mangeshkar is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the maximum number of songs sung? (A whopping 30,000 songs). Did you know that of all the music directors, she has sung the maximum number of songs for Laxmikant-Pyarelal, one of her favorite … Continue reading Melody LLP – (Lata/Laxmi/Pyare)

Bollywood Bicycle Songs

“ Cool Cycle Songs- Not-so-popular & Popular… 🙂   1. Lovely song…Ae Maine Kasam Li – Tere Mere Sapne (1971)   2. Lalalallaala… Main chali main chali – Padosan (1968)   3. Fun to watch…Super hit song Maana janaab ne pukara nahin – Paying Guest (1957)   4. One of my fav … Continue reading Bollywood Bicycle Songs

Lingual Trends in HFM: English

“ The Hindi language has constantly been adopting English words since the British took over India, and HFM has been reflective of that. It may surprise some to hear Manna Dey singing Evening News with lyrics given by Sudarshan Faakir for Dooriyan (1979) or even C. Ramchandra singing Aana Meri Jaan Sunday Ke Sunday from … Continue reading Lingual Trends in HFM: English

I can act, and sing too!!

“ There was a time in Hindi Movies when there was no concept of playback signing…if you wanted to act, you better know how to sing! (Remember Main Ban Ki Chidiya … Doooooloooooon Re!!) As the years passed, playback singing evolved, enriched our Bolywood movies to a great extent, and then another trend came by… … Continue reading I can act, and sing too!!

Haven’t I heard that somewhere ?!!

“ Don’t you get this feeling sometimes when you hear some of our Bollywood songs? While our HFM is richly dipped in melody for the most part, there are occasions when this “Haven’t I heard that somewhere” feeling leads you quite often to the West wherein the “roots” of that tune lie … Pal Pal … Continue reading Haven’t I heard that somewhere ?!!

60’s – The GOLDEN Decade

” One after the other, so many gems were churned out in that era that it came to be known as the Golden Decade for Hindi music.The crème-de-la-crème of the major hits of the 60’s … Barsaat Ki Raat, Kohinoor, Chaudvin Ka Chand and Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai –  all musicals, had at … Continue reading 60’s – The GOLDEN Decade