The Gully Boy Songs Are A Unique Blend Of Heartwarming Music and Raps

Album Info
Music: Spitfire, Divine, Naezy, Sez on the Beat, Rishi Rich, Midival Punditz, Tapan Raj, Karsh Kale, Raghu Dixit, Dub Sharma, Chandrashekar Kunder, Jasleen Royal, Arjun Chandy, Divine, Ankur Tewari, Mikey McCleary, Ishq Bector, Prem, Hardeep, Viveick Rajagopalan, Kaam Bhaari

Lyrics: Spitfire, Divine, Naezy, Javed Akhtar, Rishi Rich, Ranveer Singh, Javed Akhtar, Karsh Kale, Gaurav Raina, Tapan Raj, Dub Sharma, Aditya Sharma, Kaam Bhaari, Ankur Tewari, Ace, Bhinder Khanpuri, Arjun, Blitz, Desi Ma, MC Altaf, MC TodFod, 100 RBH, Maharya, Noxious D, MC Mawali

Singers: Ranveer Singh, Divine, Naezy, Raghu Dixit, Karsh Kale, Dub Sharma, Divine, Jaleen Royal, Vibha Saraf, Kaam Bhaari, Kaka Bhaniawala, Arjun, Blitz, Desi Ma, MC Altaf, MC TodFod, 100 RBH, Maharya, Noxious D

At a time when too many good Bollywood songs aren’t being released, the Gullyboy music album comprising of an unbelievable number of songs, “Eighteen” of them in total, with melodious tracks, as well as powerful raps which have taken the music industry by storm and caught everybody’s attention, is a  great achievement in itself.

The film is about an aspiring rapper from a ghetto in Bombay and his journey from realising his love for rap, to chasing his dream and to inadvertently transcending his class. The film will prove to be a motivation for many and the songs have all been composed and sung by adept musicians and singers.

Enjoy the Gully Boy Music Review and listen to the songs on your favourite Music App GaanaPehchaana.

Asli Hip Hop

Asli Hiphop Gully Boy

This introductory Hip Hop song also commonly known as rap has been sung by Ranveer Singh. The cool music has been composed by Ankur Tewari and the smashing lyrics by Spitfire sets the track on fire. This powerful track is here to introduce Asli Hip-Hop to India. Rating: 3/5

Mere Gully Mein

Mere Gully Mein

“Mere Gully Mein” is a perfect track for true blue rap music fans. DIVINE, Naezy and Sez’s music complements the Divine Naezy lyrics. The lyrics are deep and have a strong underlying meaning. Try to imitate the singers if you can ;). Rating: 3/5

Doori (Poem & Song)

Doori Poem and Song Gully Boy

There are 2 versions of the “Doori” track. The poem penned down by the expert lyricist Javed Akhtar is no more than a minute long. It will instantly take you back to those “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” days. The song, on the other hand, has been sung by Ranveer Singh, composed by Rishi Rich and is sure to be declared one of the best songs in the Gully Boy album. Rating: 4/5

Train Song

Train Song Ranveer Singh

One of the first songs in the Gully Boy album that has not been sung by Ranveer Singh. This is our personal favourite from the album. Any amount of appreciation is not enough for the music composed by the Delhi based pioneers of Electronic Music “Midival Punditz”. Two of the greatest musician and singers, the Indian-American Karsh Kale and desi rockstar Raghu Dixit rock the song with their singing. Rating: 5/5



The phenomenally talented Dub Sharma has written, composed and sung both the beatbox and the normal version. It brings lynching and jingoism into the limelight. Enjoy it on our fun song application GaanaPehchaana. Rating:2/5

Sher Aya Sher

Sher Aya Sher Gully Boy

Vivian Fernandez- better known by his stage name Divine is an Indian rapper from Mumbai India. He wrote the lyrics for this song and rapped it but Chandrashekar Kunder aka Major C composed this inspiring hip-hop melody. Rating:1/5

Jahaan Tu Chala

Alia Bhatt Ranveer Singh

Jasleen Royal, the independent Indian singer, songwriter and music composer who sings in Punjabi, Hindi and as well as in English composed this soft and sweet melody. The heart-touching lyrics written by Aditya Sharma will make you emotional. Rating:5/5

Ek Hee Rasta

Ek Hee Rasta Gully Boy

This one’s a mesmerising piece of poetry narrated by Javed Akhtar. The background music is composed by Rishi Richi (Rishpal Singh Rekhi). Ranveer Singh recites the poem which is precisely about finding one’s own self. Rating:3/5

Har Gham Mein Khushi Hai

Ishq Bector

This one is strictly for Rap fans. You won’t like this track until and unless you’re a rap lover. It has been sung, composed and penned by Ace, but the music also features Ishq Bector, the Indo Canadian singer, performer, songwriter, composer, producer and Hip Hop artist. Rating:2/5

India 91

Ranveer Singh

“India 91” is a wacky rap with a touch of traditional beats and instruments. More than that, it’s a perfect blend of Hindi and Marathi rap. Viveick Rajagopalan is superb with the music. The lyrics by MC Altaf, MC TodFod, 100 RBH, Maharya, Noxious D & MC Mawali are quite catchy and all the singers MC Altaf, MC TodFod, 100 RBH, Maharya & Noxious D did a brilliant job. Rating: 3/5

The Gully Boy Music Album is as unique as it can get. These tracks will increase the amount of love and appreciation that the movie was expecting. Also, Ranveer Singh proves that he’s not just a phenomenal actor but a great rapper as well.

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OUR PICK(S): We select “Train Song” as our most favourite song from the album.

-By Arunima Gupta

The Simmba Songs Are Here To Rock Your New Year

Album Info
Music: Tanishk Bagchi, Lijo George, DJ Chetas, S.Thaman
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed, Rashmi Virag, Kumaar
Singers: Neha Kakkar, Mika Singh, Kumar Sanu, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Asees Kaur, Nakash Aziz, Tanishk Bagchi, Dev Negi, Goldi, Arijit Singh
Album Released: December 2018

The story of Sangram “Simbaa” Bhalerao played by Ranveer Singh, an orphan-turned-cop from Shivgadh, the same town where Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgan) was raised, takes us back to the Singham movie. Quite Opposite to Bajirao’s integrity and honesty, Simbaa takes complete advantage of the situation and leads the life of a corrupt cop. However, when his dear ones are abused, he finds himself changed and is forced to select a more righteous path.

Below we’ll talk about the songs composed by Tanishk Bagchi, Lijo George – DJ Chetas and S. Thaman.

Aankh Marey

Aankh Marey Song From Simmba

A dhamakedaar party track to make your new year super-awesome. Tanishk Bagchi has been extremely creative with the composition. Kumar Sanu is back after a long time along with Neha Kakkar and Mika Singh to make you put your dancing shoes on. Enjoy this song on the GaanaPehchaana app. Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan look gorgeous in this song. Rating: 4/5

Tere Bin

Tere Bin By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Tanishk Bagchi has intelligently retained the nostalgia and mushy melody of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s original track “Tere Bin Nahi Lagda Dil Mera” while appropriately mixing it with a modernistic arrangement that today’s generation can relate to. Asees Kaur, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Tanishk Bagchi’s voices mix together to create magic. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan always does justice to his father’s remakes. Rating: 5/5

Aala Re Aala

Aala Re Aala GaanaPehchaana

“Aala Re Aala” is a bang on colourful number which launched Ranveer Singh in the movie ‘Simmba’. He is seen performing a super-energetic dance sequence along with an entire crew of men and women decked up in Maharashtrian costumes with saffron flags. Listening to “Aala Re Aala Simmba Aala” in Dev Negi and Goldi’s voices will make you dance like crazy. Rating: 4/5

Mera Wala Dance

Mera Wala Dance Simmba

This song shows Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Ajay Devgan dancing together in one frame. Ajay Devgan’s grand entry looks absolutely smashing.  Kumaar is the perfect lyricist for this song. Neha Kakkar and Nakash Aziz create a booming party atmosphere with their marvellous voices. Rating: 3/5

Bandeya Re Bandeya

Bandeya Re Bandeya By Arijit Singh

“Kanka Num Tara Num, Tandar Na Num Tara Num, Bandeya Re Bandeya, Bandeya Re Bandeya, Raah Pe Chal Bandeya”. This one’s a musical masterpiece composed and programmed by Tanishk Bagchi, sung by the sensational Arijit Singh and Asees Kaur along with support from the phenomenal chorus including Chayan Ghosh, Nickhiel Jain, Rahul Pandey, Purnima Solanki & Unnati Shah. The music by Bagchi is such that it will connect you to the basic theme of the film. Rating: 5/5

Simmba Theme 1/ Theme 2

Simmba Theme Song By Tanishk Bagchi

We have 2 theme melodies for this film which are played as soon as we have some moment of victory for Simmba (Sangram Bhalerao) our head of police. The first one is composed and programmed by Tanishk Bagchi, the master musician himself with additional percussions by Krishna Kishore and Team. The music was mixed and mastered by Eric Pillai. The 2nd theme track was composed by S. Thaman. Rating:2/5

Simmba Theme Song By S. Thaman

The film is a full-on entertaining one and there are many people who wish to watch it more than once. It’s not just the movie that’s a super-duper hit one, but the songs and their videos are absolutely amazing as well. They are sure to rank amongst the best songs of 2019. THREE CHEERS FOR SIMMBA!!!

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OUR PICK(S): We choose “Tere Bin” as our most favourite song from the album.


-Arunima Gupta