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In 2014 Jon Favreau’s high-profile Hollywood hit ‘Chef’ came out, now the Bollywood adaptation of it directed by Raja Krishna Menon is set to release on the 6th of October 2017. You’ll get to witness an appealing and sumptuous culinary story about a bitter-sweet father-son relationship starring Saif Ali Khan and Svar Kamble.

It’s not just the heart touching storyline that will elicit feelings of sympathy and fondness but the songs as well are quite soothing and soul-stirring.

Album Info:

Music: Raghu Dixit, Amaal Mallik

Lyrics: Ankur Tewari, Rashmi-Virag

Singers: Raghu Dixit, Armaan Malik, Vishal Dadlani


Shugal Laga De


If you heard this super-fantastic song by Raghu Dixit, the owner of ‘Raghu Dixit Project’ – a contemporary Indian Folk band, then you’d actually realise what a musical genius Raghu Dixit actually is. This softly resonating number has been sung, as well as composed by him. The peppy tune gets a little monotonous in between, but his energy is unmatched. You’d be able to catch a few glimpses of him in the video, and he looks astonishingly cool in a lungi. Ankur Tewari tried hard to work wonders with the lyrics but somehow failed to deliver his best in this one. Rating: 2/5

Tere Mere Darmiyaan Hain


After the fun track ‘Shugal Laga De’, this one called ‘Tere Mere’ tries focusing on the painful side of Roshan Kalra, (Saif Ali Khan’s) relationship with his son Ary (Svar Kamble). Amaal Malik and Armaan Malik the composer and singer duo cast a beautiful spell over this track and make it sound enchanting. The lyrics by Rashmi-Virag clearly bring out the complexity of relationships between Roshan, Ary and Radha played by Padmapriya Janakiraman. The one thing that we can promise is this that the lilting melody highlighting the themes of professional and personal commitments will make you tap onto the replay button again and again. Rating: 3/5



To be very honest, ‘Banjara’ is a once in a lifetime melody. A phenomenal Vishal Dadlani & Raghu Dixit collaboration. Vishal sang it, and Raghu composed it. Ankur Tewari penned down the lyrics. The music is light, breezy and the lyrics are inspiring. Raghu’s composition is what gives power to this track and saves it from being another dull melody. Take a deep breath in, and listen to this amazing song which would surely give you wings and make you forget all your troubles. Rating: 2/5

These tracks are a little different and quite alluring, You’ll love listening to these songs revolving around the lives of a famous 3 Michelin star rated, professionally committed chef and his little son. To know how they get close to each other and start an amazing food truck business you need to watch the movie but to listen to these delightful tracks visit, to play Bollywood Musical games or to read the blogs and reviews visit GaanaP and download the App now! 🙂

OUR PICK(S): We select ‘Tere Mere Darmiyaan Hai’ as our favourite song from the album.

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