Diljit Dosanjh’s New Song El Sueño Becomes a Rage Amongst His Fans


Song Info:

Music: Tru Skool

Lyrics: Lally Mundi

Singers: Diljit Dosanjh, TruSkool, Monica Arnal Vidal(Female Vocalist)

The super duper new song by Diljit Dosanjh, called “El Sueño”, meaning “The Dream” in Spanish has won over millions of hearts around the world. Diljit doesn’t fail to impress us with this catchy pop melody sung by him and Tru-Skool. It is an interesting mix of Spanish and English lyrics and features the Spanish actress and writer Vanessa Calderon.

The Song Of Our Dreams


“El Sueño” revolves around a beautiful dream and the entire song denotes an intense tale of courage and bravery. It has been picturized around the backdrop of a World War. The video shows our fearless Diljit and all his Sardar friends rescuing an innocent, kidnapped girl from the clutches of some goons.



Our Valiant Diljit’s mere presence is so empowering that you just can’t take your eyes off him. The main phrase from the song ‘Mere Supne De Vich Sohneya, Bas Teri Sardari Aundi Ae’ talks about the feelings of the rescued girl who couldn’t stop dreaming about our heroic Diljit Dosanjh and his guts or courage. The way he and his other friends defeated the goons is something that deserves plenty of accolades, so she is grateful to these Sardars.



The Rising Popularity

Just within 24 hours of release, this song became the number 1 track on Itunes India and garnered over 2.5 million views in a single day. Presently, the music video for “El Sueño” has reached more than 15 million views on YouTube.


A few weeks back Diljit Dosanjh started a game on Instagram in which people had to make little videos of themselves singing “El Sueño” and whichever video he would like the most, he would post it on to his own Instagram account.

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