GaanaP Independence Day Challenge

Gaana Pehchaana

Gaana Pehchaana, a platform to enjoy Hindi Film music through online games, quizzes, radio, blogs etc was started by Ram Seetharam and Vikas Bhatnagar, as Live events in Houston Texas. GaanaPehchaana’s main motive has been to increase people’s love and enthusiasm for Hindi Film Music. Hindi Film Music from every generation has gathered a large fan base of avid music lovers. Gaana Pehchaana tries it’s best to pay accolades to the singers, musicians and their spellbinding creations through all the interactive and engaging content on it’s website and android/IOS app.

GaanaP has a new challenge for all you Bollywood Music lovers

GaanaP Independence Day Challenge: Reach a New Level by August 15th!

Gaana Pehchaana Announces a New Challenge

Declare your Independence!  Choose GaanaP!  For the first 20 users who reach a new level on the GaanaP Master Leaderboard (MLB)between today and Aug 15, we will send you your choice of a Rs. 1000 / $15 e-gift card on or Book My Show.  Winners will be announced on Independence Day.

You can add to your score on the GaanaP MLB by playing any of our fun games like Teen Maar Khan – 3 Lives, 5 Levels, Many Songs!  And Bhagam Bhag – 2 minutes to guess all the songs!  hurry!

How can you change levels?  Reach the Bronze level easily by scoring more than 100 points.  If you are already Bronze, get to the Silver level by crossing 500 points.  Been there, done that?  Then try for Gold by scoring more than 2000 points.  If you are already gold all over, then shoot for the ultimate goal – Platinum level by crossing 5000 points!

Winners will be notified by email or SMS – make sure you have a valid email or mobile number in your profile and check the subscribe box.  You have to reply to the email or text to get your award.

GP Team wishes you all hours of fun … Happy Playing!  Send your feedback and questions to [email protected] !

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