How is our GaanaP App different from the Gaana App?

Music has always been an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s to relax, entertain, or even to energize ourselves, music always finds a way to connect with our emotions. With the advent of technology, music streaming services have been gaining immense popularity among music lovers worldwide. Among such music streaming platforms, Gaana has been one of the most prominent music apps in India.

However, recently, there has been some confusion among music enthusiasts about another app called GaanaP. In this blog, we will discuss how the Gaana app is different from the GaanaP app and what unique features GaanaP offers.

Gaana is an online music streaming app that offers a wide range of Indian and international music content. It features a user-friendly interface with easy navigation tools, which makes it easier for users to discover new music. Gaana allows users to browse songs and albums by categories such as artists, genres, moods, and languages. It offers a premium subscription service that provides ad-free streaming, high-quality audio, and access to exclusive content.

On the other hand, GaanaP is a Bollywood music gaming app that offers unique song quiz games, blogs, and other content based on Hindi film music. It is a perfect blend of music and games that entertains Bollywood music fans with its fun-filled gaming quizzes. The concept behind GaanaP is quite simple. You can listen to a short audio clip from within your favorite songs & decades of Bollywood songs, and you are asked, “Gaana Pehchaana?” (Recognize the song?) You tell your answer by selecting from a multiple-choice list. It’s that simple! This basic concept is built into various fun-filled gaming quizzes from Rapid-Fire Rounds to Musical Tic-tac-toe to challenge your friends!

Moreover, GaanaP allows users to customize the quiz games according to their preferences. You can select your favorite decades of Bollywood music, from the golden oldies (1930s) to the latest hits (2020s). You can also select your difficulty level – have fun with just easy audio clips, or challenge yourself with harder clips. Besides the song quiz games, you can also learn fun facts about your favorite Bollywood songs with its “Did You Know” feature and read interesting blogs related to Hindi Film Music.  It is important to point out that GaanaP does not offer a streaming service where you can listen to the full song.  Nor does it allow downloads of any songs or clips.

In addition to the above, GaanaP offers live contests and private events for its users. It is supported by its music partner, Saregama India Ltd.’s, and offers clips from Saregama’s fabulous industry-leading catalog of Bollywood songs from golden oldies to today’s rocking hits.

To summarize, the main difference between Gaana and GaanaP is that Gaana is an online music streaming app, while GaanaP is a Bollywood music gaming app that offers unique song quiz games, blogs, and other content based on Hindi film music. While Gaana is suitable for those who want to listen to music and enjoy exclusive content, GaanaP is perfect for those who want to have fun with music and games.

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