Indulge Your Senses With These Songs From The Epic Historical Padmaavat


Album Info:

Music:  Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima, A.M Turaz,

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Swaroop Khan, Mujtaba Aziz Naza, Shivam Pathak, Shail Hada, Arijit Singh, Richa Sharma, Neeti Mohan

Album Released: December/January 2018

A good Hindi Film usually becomes popular because of the songs that we get to hear in it. Without great music, a Bollywood film is incomplete, and when it comes to an epic historical saga like ‘Padmaavat’, we obviously need some superb songs to make the film appear livelier and more dramatic. ‘Ghoomar’ and ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ have already garnered love and appreciation from people, four more songs have been released recently.
Let’s read the full album review.


Nainowale’ will take you back in time. It sounds like a Bollywood melody straight out of the 1950’s or 60’s. With this track, Neeti Mohan gets an opportunity to shine brightly in the Shreya Ghoshal territory. Neeti’s voice is perfectly modulated and fully expressive with the playfulness and teasing. Dancer’s will not be able to resist dancing to it. ‘Nainowale’ is sure to break all the records.        Rating:  4/5

Holi (Manganiyars & Langa’s Folk Song)

The Manganiyar and Langa communities originally belong to the Sindh province in Pakistan and to the Barmer & Jaisalmer districts in the deserts of Rajasthan, India. This ‘Holi’ song is a traditional folk piece sung by these 2 communities during the bright festival of colours, ‘Holi’. Richa Sharma and Shail Hada have successfully restored the original folk flavours. The melody transcends time and space. It will transport you to the beautiful golden-yellow deserts of Rajasthan.           Rating: 3/5

Binte Dil

‘Binte Dil’ is another gem from the album. The Arabic touch and the Persian orchestration make this number stand out. Bollywood has hardly had a song with such a mindblowing Arabic/Persian influence before. Arijit Singh has sung it really well. Bhansali’s composition and Arijit’s singing add a grave and melancholic feel to it. The video hasn’t yet been released by T-Series, but ‘Binte Dil’ will portray Alauddin Khilji, the villain.       Rating: 2/3


‘Khalibali’ sounds like a typical warrior song and seems to be a rehash of ‘Malhari’ from ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The rhythmic beats will have a soothing effect on you and the heart-touching music has a Middle-Eastern touch to it. The song has been portrayed on Allaudin Khilji and A.M Turaz’s lyrics will give you a hint about the ferocious Khilji being in love.       Rating:  2/5

Ek Dil Ek Jaan

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has a penchant for the Hindustani Classical Raaga ‘Yaman’ and most of the time ends up composing songs set to this delightful Raaga like ‘Ayat’ & ‘Laal Ishq’ from ‘BajiRao Mastani’ and now ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’. This soothing track starts off slow, but the pitch tends to keep increasing as we reach ‘Ishq Bhi Tu Mera Pyar Bhi Tu’. Mujtaba Aziz Naza the Qawwali singer, who’s also a famous playback singer has assisted Shivam Pathak, the Indian Idol 5 contestant with the vocals and has done quite a great job with it. Rating: 4/5


Women from all around Rajasthan, enjoy performing this traditional dance form along with friends and relatives. In the royal families, women perform it inside the women’s quarters or zenana during special occasions and festivals. It’s a soft and slow-paced dance and ladies get fully decked-up in their traditional Poshaks before performing it. The track starts with the tunes of the Ravanahatha instrument and then you also get to listen to Nagara, Kamaicha, Tabla, Algoza, Dhol and Khartal. Our all-time favourite playback singer Shreya Ghoshal and Swaroop Khan, the Indian folk singer from Rajasthan, a contestant of Indian Idol 5, make this song sound completely ethereal and enchanting.          Rating: 4/5

Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Anupriya Goenka look gorgeous in their exclusively designed costumes. They’ll surely rock their roles in the film. These melodious melodies sprinkled with elements of Rajasthani folk and Middle-Eastern tunes will turn into cult-classics in the future. To listen to the songs, visit, to play Bollywood Musical games or to read the blogs and reviews click on GaanaP and download the App now!

OUR PICK(S): We choose “Ghoomar”, as our most favourite song from the album.

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