Kaalakaandi A Dark Comedy- Music Review

Album Info:

Music: Sameer Uddin, Shaswat Sachdev

Lyrics: Anvita Dutt, Akshay Verma

Singers: Neha Bhasin, Raxstar, Akshay Verma, Shaswat Sachdev, Abhishek Nailwal, Vishal Dadlani

Album Released: Songs released in January 2018 (Only 2 official videos released)

Guys! Get ready for the quirky and offbeat movie ‘Kaalakaandi’, which is about to release on the 12th of January 2018. Though the name Kaalakaandi sounds more like the name of an Indian sweet Kalakand. “Kaalakaandi” is a Marathi slang used when things go disastrously wrong.
The film is a dark comedy about life, death and karma. Just like the movie, the songs from the movie are quite eccentric as well. The good news is that Kaalakaandi marks the directorial debut of the ‘Delhi Belly’ writer Akshat Verma and narrates the happenings of an adventurous night, in the life of the protagonist played by Saif Ali Khan.

Let’s read a little about the songs here.

Kaala Doreya

Music: Sameer Uddin
Lyrics: Taken From The Original Punjabi Folk Song
Singer: Neha Bhasin, Raxstar
This beautiful composition with minimal instrumentation and arrangement is an adaptation of the traditional Punjabi folk number ‘Kala Doriya Kunday Nal’ originally sung by Shazia Manzoor in 1999. There are some English and Punjabi Rap portions as well, which blend in quite beautifully with the entire song. You’ll surely love this smashing folk hit which is perfect for wedding functions. Rating: 4/5

Swagpur Ka Chaudhary

Music: Sameer Uddin
Lyrics: Akshay Verma
Singer: Akshay Verma
Swagpur Ka Chaudhry‘ is a banging party number with an appealing hookline. It’s a part-funk, part-electronic number with some hard guitar riffs. This song portrays the free-spirit of the protagonist, who wants to break free of the shackles of life and live his life to the fullest, after coming to know the fact that he’s suffering from deadly cancer and has just a few more days to live. Rating: 2/5


Music: Shaswat Sachdev
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: Shaswat Sachdev
‘KaalaKandi’ is the title track, which depends on an infectious groove or rhythm. The rhythm could have been better. Shaswat Sachdev (who gained fame with last year’s ‘Phillauri’ tracks) did really well with the composition and singing. To be honest, this melody isn’t bad but you just can’t keep listening to it more than once at a time. Rating: 2/5

Jive With Me

Music: Sameer Uddin
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: Abhishek Nailwal
Sway your body and tap your feet to this lively dance number. ‘Jive’ is a lively style of dance which was popular especially in the 1940s and 1950s. It was performed to swing music or rock and roll. Sameer Uddin and Abhishek Nailwal try hard to create a happy go lucky swing music or rock & roll melody and we are sure that you’d love this fun number. Rating: 3/5

Aa Bhi Jaa

Music: Sameer Uddin
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Abhishek Nailwal
‘Aa Bhi Jaa’ is a peppy melody with fast beats. This song offers an interesting melange of sounds and will leave you all pumped up and energetic after you finish listening to it. Vishal Dadlani has supported Abhishek Nailwal with the singing in just the right way, hence the resulting song has come out quite well. Rating:3/5
Kaalakaandi’s offbeat theme dictates the nature of these songs and the movie is surely going to set a new example in the history of Bollywood Cinema, as a theme like that of this movie has never been dealt with before. Visit your nearest cinema halls to watch the movie, but before that, do listen to all the above-mentioned songs on https://gaanap.com/bollywood-songs-radio, to play Bollywood Musical games or to read the blogs and reviews click on GaanaP and download the App now! 🙂

OUR PICK(S): We select ‘Kala Doreya’ as our favourite song from the album.

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