Madan Mohan & Lata Mangeshkar Songs Have Healing Powers

Did you know that nine out of 10 doctors prescribe listening to songs composed by Madan Mohan and sung by Lata Mangeshkar as the cure for many ills?  And that six of these doctors claim these songs even cure cancer?  Just joking of course, but, please do try a course of these nine prescriptions. And don’t worry, I checked – this is covered by your HMO.  All you need is a 99 cent co-pay to buy these songs at your local iTtunes pharmacy.

For minor ailments, you can start with three over-the-counter drugs – Hai Tere Saath Meri Wafa,  Lag Ja Gale Se and Mera Saya Saath Hoga – with their lilting, uplifting themes.  And, no, the OTC designation is not meant in any way to belittle their curative powers ; these are simple, melodious pieces of genius! The sunshine in Lataji’s voice brings out all of the nuances of Madan Mohanji’s inspired compositions. 

And for those symptoms that continue to persist and require a visit to your friendly physician, there’s the Dastak course of treatment.  Start by listening to Lataji sing Mayiri Mai Kase Kahoon , paying special attention to the Haaan, Mayi ri that Lata ji interjects towards the end of each antara.  And as if one gorgeous song in the movie wasn’t enough, Baiyan Na Daro makes sure you are fully nursed back to health.  Listen closely as Lataji sings the  Mohe Chodo Haye segment.  The full Dastak course of treatment includes Madan Mohanji singing Mayiri in his own haunting raw voice. I admit it – I have OD’d on this last drug many times.

If your symptoms still persist, you have a serious case of HFM immune disorder (HFM: Hindi Film Music).  Time to roll out the serious ghazal-based drugs.  Let’s start with the old time-tested Rasm-e-ulfat ko nibayen  – the quintessential Lata-Madan ghazal.  This is to be followed by the complex flavors of Hai Isi Mein Pyaar Ki AabrooMujhe gham bhi unka azeez hai, ke unhi ki dee huyi cheez hai – high quality curative ingredients provided by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan!

Still not cured? Time for you to listen to the slow, aching rendition of Aaj Socha To Aanso Bar Aaye.  Listen as the haunting Hanste Zakhm signature tunes give way to the soul-satisfying  ghazal-like melodies. Then wait expectantly as Lataji’s gorgeous voice starts with Har Kadam Par and the other antaras. 

Don’t worry about the tears – that’s the sign that you are cured!  All your ailments are now replaced by a long-lasting meeti dard somewhere deep inside you! By the way, several of these drugs are available in a digitally enhanced format at the Classics Revival pharmacy, produced by none other than Madan Mohan’s son, Sanjeev Kohli.  He also maintains a website in honor of his father – be sure to visit and pay homage.

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