Precious Hindi Film Songs On Money

Money as some say, might not be the most important thing on the planet but we all know that it is important, maybe money cannot buy happiness but it can surely bring a big smile on our faces. In some way or the other, almost 97% of the world is after money and there are quite a many Bollywood songs which teach us the importance of wealth.

Let us have a look at some of these money oriented tracks in Hindi Film Music.

Sabse Bada Rupaiya


Music Composer(s): Basu Deo Chakravarty, Manohari Singh

Lyricist(s): Majrooh Sultanpuri

Singer(s): Mehmood Ali

This song explains to us the great importance of money. The lyrics try enunciating the fact that there is nothing greater in this world, other than money. Your entire existence came into being, because of money and if you die empty-handed, even the earth or mere nature won’t respect you. Mehmood, Vinod Mehra and Moushumi Chatterjee perform extraordinarily well. Though the film revolved around a tragic plot surrounding the multimillionaire protagonist Amit Rai’s life. This particular track is hugely comic and energetic. You’ll surely enjoy it.

Paisa Bolta Hai


Music Composer(s):  Rajesh Roshan

Lyricist(s): Payam Sayeedi

SInger(s): Nitin Mukesh Chand Mathur

‘Paisa Bolta Hai’ was from the sensational 1989 film Kaala Bazaar. The film dealt with the socio-political issues of corruption, primarily in the form of bribery in government offices which was very much prevalent in the Indian society of the nineteen eighties. Not just the 1980’s, but corruption is still an issue of grave concern. This song talks about the scathing and harsh reality of the corrupt world. The truthful and the just get tormented whereas the cheater or the deceiver is the one who’s lucky. Johny Lever or John Rao Prakash Rao Janumala our famous comedian in the industry makes the song video appear hilarious with his comic antics.

Paanch Rupaiya Baara Aana


Music Composer(s): S.D. Burman

Lyricist(s): Majrooh Sultanpuri

Singer(s): Kishore Kumar

‘Main Sitaron Ka Tarana, Main Baharon Ka Fasana, Leke Ik Angdai Mujh Pe, Daal Nazar Ban Ba Deewana’, Remember this entertaining number from the 1958 cult film ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’. The comedy film featured Kishore Kumar, his two brothers Anoop Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Madhubala. Legendary Kishore Kumar sang most of the songs along with Asha Bhosle. This particular track is entirely uproarious and you’ll love watching the mushy chemistry between Kishore and Madhubala who play dress up and sing this mellifluously, heart-touching melody. It also proves that the black and white era was way better in terms of picturization and the creation of sets inside the studios.

Paisa Paisa Karti Hai


Music Composer(s): Pritam Chakraborty, RDB

Lyricist(s): Sayeed Qadri

Singer(s): RDB Band

We have all heard the famous lyrics ‘Kyun Paisa Paisa Karti Hai, Kyon Paise Pe Tu Marti Hai’ from the ‘Paisa’ song in the 2009 ‘De Dana Dan’ movie directed by Priyadarshan. The story is a partial adaptation of Priyadarshan’s own Malayalam film ‘Vettam’. When you watch the song video, you’ll love watching Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Katrina Kaif, and Sameera Reddy in the lead roles. Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty are shown to be lucky in love, otherwise their lives and their bank balances are both a big zero, but their girlfriends are quite successful and rich, so the song is directed towards the girlfriends, who refuse to marry the guys until and unless they work really hard and turn out to be successful and wealthy. RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) formed by three British Sikh brothers in 1997, whose style blends western genres with traditional Punjabi beats and vocals do complete justice with the singing.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo


Music Composer(s): Himesh Reshammiya

Lyricist(s): Irshad Kamil

Singer(s): Palak Muchhal

‘Sukh Dukh Jhoothe, Dhan Bhi Jhootha, Jhoothi Moh-Maaya, Saccha Mann Ka Wo Kona Jahaan, Prem Ratan Paya, Prem Ratan Paya.’ are the deep and meaningful lyrics from the ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ song which took over millions of hearts around the country during Diwali 2015. This track still casts its charms over us. We get to realize that riches, happiness and sadness are all temporary. The actual wealth is in the character of a human being like Prem, who is more precious than all the wealth and riches of the world accumulated together. We should all try to search for ‘Prem’ within ourselves. A commoner like the identical brother Prem, who has to replace the prince, proves himself to be a gem of a person. He stands for the princess and helps out her family in times of distress. You’ll not be able to get rid of this sweet melody, as it’ll keep recurring in your mind again and again and don’t forget to watch the video showcasing a colourful riot of royal affairs in the princess’ palace.

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