Raaz – Reboot (2016)

Music: Jeet Gannguli, Sangeet-Siddarth Haldipur
Lyrics: Kausar Munir, Rashmi Virag
Singers: Arijit Singh, Jubin Nautiyal, Palak Muchhal, Papon, K.K.
Album Released on: August 2016

The expectations from the Raaz series have always been gargantuan. The earlier 3 movies have had pretty mellifluous numbers (Main Agar Saamne Aa Bhi (Raaz), Soniye Tumhein Dekhta Hoon (Raaz 2), Oh My Love (Raaz 3)) – very befitting of the melody expected from the Bhatt camp. With Raaz Reboot, Jeet Gannguli has been given the task of keeping up to those expectations, ably supported by Sangeet-Siddarth Haldipur. Kausar Munir and Rashmi Virag have been entrusted with the lyrics for the fourth franchise in the series. So does it live up to it? Let’ see…

Lo Maan Liya‘: A flying start to the album in Arijit’s voice – he does it as what he does best .. a soulful romantic number, where he pines for his lost love in a completely “denial” mode, with expressive lyrics Kausar Munir. 4/5.

‘Raaz Aankhein Teri’: Another Arijit number follows and he does it all over again. Penned by Rashmi Virag, this turns out to be another beautiful song with some meaningful lyrics like ‘Saaya Bhi Jism Se, Hota Hai Kya Juda, Jitni Bhi Zor Ki Ho Aandhiyan…’. 4/5.

‘The Sound Of Raaz’: This is the unplugged version of the song where Jubin Nautiyal croons the number in a slower pace, with the haunting feel and eerie experience added as creepy background songs. Melodious but not as good as the Arijit version – no reflection on Jubin, it’s just the recreation of the song that didn’t do it for me… maybe it will seem better on the screen. 3/5.

Hummein Tummein Jo Tha‘: The same melody makes a third appearance in the album, accompanied by a female voice this time. Palak Muchhal croons this number ably supported by Papon … a sad version of the same song. The core music remains the same, nut pace slows down. Lyrics convey that all is eventually over between the romantic pair. 3/5.

‘Yaad Hai Na’: Ariijit makes yet another appearance in another gem, a frothy number this time. Kausar Munir’s lyrics fit in perfectly well with the music and the mood .. “Mere Chhoone Pe Chhil Jaana Tera, Yaad Ha Na! .. Jo Tere Takiye Pe Neendein Thi Padeen, Yaad Hai Na” Waah! One of the best numbers of the album. 4.5/5.

‘Yaad Hai Na (Unplugged)’: The new blue-eyed boy of Bollywood, Jubin Nautiyal seems to have been given the sad/slow versions of the main Arijit songs of the album. Very nicely rendered, albeit at a slower pace, the song still makes a mark because of the lingering frothiness and the guitar strings in the background. 4/5.

O Meri Jaan‘: Guest composers Sangeet Haldipur-Sidharth Haldipur bring KK on board who is not heard very often these days. Even though the Kausar Munir written song is not bad on it’s own accord, it doesn’t seem to hold a candle to the other numbers in the album. Known for his high pitch singing, he stays relatively subdued except in the ‘Tere Bina Jeena Kya, Marna Kya’ portions.. 2.5/5.

The overall music is very good and has a consistency of sound to it. Definitely a worth listen if you like the melodious romantic numbers.

Gaana Pehchaana recommends!! 

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