The Power of Bollywood Music in Gaming- A Look at the Best Hindi Song Games in the Market

If you talk about video games that all enjoy,  music games top the chart. These games, specifically Hindi song games, are also loved by people who do not call themselves gamers. Music is the lifeline of human culture and most of us can not resist playing along whenever we hear a catchy tune or heart-touching lyrics. More than that, the best music games have harmonized music and gameplay mechanics quite creatively. Starting from rhythm action to dancing as well as singing, appreciating good music is something that most of us love to do.

Hindi Film Music: Our Cultural Heritage

Bollywood has delighted audiences and listeners with awesome music all through the decades. Right from the 1930s to today and these songs are a national treasure! The music from Hindi movies has been continuously setting class apart standards of excellence and entertainment than the movies and might outlast them in case of popularity. GaanaPehchaana is a tiny attempt at paying tribute to all these artists and their mindblowing creations that have improved the lives of millions over many years. We listen to Bollywood music, sing and dance to those tunes. We also play musical games, but in today’s digital world, we prefer playing music-based games on our phones and laptops.

Without any more thinking, let us go through the checklist for the best music games of all time that you’ll enjoy playing.

Gaana Pehchaana

Gaana Pehchaana has lots of different games. The games are set in a fun format. Most of the games are about listening to short clips and guessing your favourite songs. You’ll be asked Gaana Pehchaana? “Did you recognise the song?”. You convey your answer by selecting from the list. It’s that easy!! This simple concept is constructed into various fun gaming options starting from Rapid Fire Rounds to music-based Tic Tac Toe.

Score lots of points and perform better than the other Hindi Film Music fans. Score more points by guessing fast, particularly the difficult clips. Go through the leaderboards to check how you are performing!

Invite your friends and challenge them to perform better than you!

You can easily customize the games based on your liking. Choose your favourite Clips difficulty level or the decades you are most comfortable with – enjoy recognising the clips. Our clips are rated on a musical scale: Sa is the easiest and Pa is the most difficult.

Other than the quiz format games, you can also learn some interesting facts about the songs of your choice from the “Did You Know” feature and read all the interesting blogs about Hindi Film Music.

Here’s something about GaanaP that will make your journey down memory lane super interesting!!

Gaana Pehchaana is supported by their music partner – Saregama India Ltd. As soon as you play our games, you’ll have a lot of fun enjoying Saregama’s superb catalogue of Bollywood songs right from the precious oldies to the present smashing numbers!

Stop wasting your precious time. Download GaanaP now and test your knowledge of Bollywood with fun games and enjoy healthy competitions with friends.

Hindi Song Tile

You can play this game with both Hindi and Tamil songs. It is fun and addictive. 

There are more than 100 awesome Hindi and Tamil songs there in the game.

You’ll find it easy, as it has a stunning display. You’ll feel at home while playing it. You can win prizes and achieve a lot in the game. It’s again a quiz-type game in which you need to move the tiles and guess the songs.

Hindi Song Hop Bollywood Music Game

If you are a Bollywood Music lover, you’ll surely enjoy this game. This game has more than 500 Hindi songs. There are free vocals in this game and it is quite fun as well as interesting. The game is free. You can play it both online as well as offline. The display is superb. People of all age groups will enjoy it.

Song Beat-  Play Your Music

If you enjoy Bollywood songs and you love playing the piano tile game, you can try playing Song Beat. Song Beat now also has lots of Arabic songs. Along with your Indian music, you can also tap into the sassy beats of Arabic tracks like Na Na Na by Ali Loka.

You’ll also get the option to select your music. Enjoy your favorite songs through Song Beat and turn into a dazzling star. Soon, you’ll find more than 100 Bollywood songs in Hindi, Arabic, Punjabi and other languages. Start with the Tap Music game option by touching the piano tiles as they slide down. Look out for the lengthy beats while you crush out the difficult tracks and levels. Get all 5 stars by hitting the tiles in the mp3 level, as you learn to master its beat.

You need to tap and hold onto the tiles to score. Sway to the most recent Bollywood songs. Receive 5 stars for unlocking new songs, winning contests and getting to know more about yhwctoaawe the big movie actors and actresses.

Experience the actual music feel when you tap on the tiles. You can explore the new songs that are added every day and the new playlists added every week.

Just tap on your favorite tracks. The amazing entertainment game has a highly simple interface.

The rich and wide variety of songs is perfect for all musical tastes.

You can also win diamonds to unlock new songs and playlists.

The game is easy to play. You just need to download it, choose the song that you’d like to play, tap on a note in the tap zone and win the highest score. Place your finger on the song tiles when they meet the touch bar cube.

This entertainment-packed game is an enjoyable, tapping musical game as time pass. The songs on the application are owned by the ones who have given the copyright of the songs.

Piano Game: Classic Music Song

This one is a highly addictive game. You just need to follow the classic rhythm and press on the tiles!

Do you love classical piano songs? Are you a big fan of piano games? Do you enjoy challenging your finger speed? You must try out this game now. There are more than 100 songs prepared for the players. You just need to continuously press the tiles to carefully follow the music melody. You can easily unlock new songs when you get more stars in the game. You can easily challenge a 

piano piece every day. You don’t need wifi. There are more than 100 songs and lots of themes are designed specifically for the users.

Concluding Words

Gaana Pehchaana has been entertaining Bollywood Music fans through unique games, blogs and other content based on Hindi film music. Install the app from App Store or Play Store to know how it keeps the players glued to their screens and how these games have made people happy, brought people together and taken away their boredom. It has also changed the gaming scenario and the corporate culture, as it is now played in many offices during events and fun Fridays.


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