The Record-Breaking Songs From Satyaprem Ki Katha- Music Review


Movie: Satyaprem Ki Katha


Singers: Payal Dev, Vishal Mishra, Arijit Singh, Tulsi Kumar, Manan Bharadwaj, Monali Thakur, Piyush Mehroliyaa, Meet Bros, Parampara Tandon


Music: Payal Dev, Tanishk Bagchi, Manan Bharadwaj, Rochak Kohli, Ali Sethi, Meet Bros


Lyrics: A. M Turaz, Tanishk Bagchi, Manan Bharadwaj, Gurpreet Saini, Ali Sethi, Kumaar


Most people who have already watched the film Satyaprem Ki Katha, feel that it takes the audiences on a time travel to the golden era of Hindi cinema. They feel like they have been transported to the classic period when the movie plots were simple with deep moral messages and nothing over the top or too glitzy. It’s not just the cast and crew who delivered the best performance but the musicians, singers, lyricists and choreographers came up with their best innovation in the songs, making the music album a hit.


Here we have reviewed the songs, let’s check it out!!

Naseeb Se

Naseeb Se is the most popular song from the film. The song is about the good luck and good fate that Kiara and Kartik are blessed with.

A.M. Turaz came up with super catchy lyrics. His journey into the world of lyrics writing began with writing scripts for television soaps as an assistant writer.

Payal Dev and Vishal Mishra, the most talked about singers in town sang the song. You might not have heard of Vishal Mishra, but did you know that he is a Filmfare award winner for being the best music director? The slow and soft beats of the song will bring peace to your mind. The credit goes to Payal Dev, she has composed music that sounds pleasing to the ears and can make you feel good whenever you listen to it.


Le Aaunga

This one is another over-romantic song from the album. More than Kiara and Kartik, people are obsessed with Arijit Singh’s voice and the way he has sung the song with all his emotions. The emotions can be felt through the song. 

Tanishk Bagchi is the mastermind behind the music and lyrics. He once said that never stop learning about the various sounds that are being produced around the globe, and since the sound keeps evolving, the music influences also keep changing. His influences change too. Bagchi’s unique music and lyrics deserve a 5 on 5 rating.


Aaj Ke Baad

Aaj Ke Baad is a beautifully written track by Manan Bharadwaj that describes Satya Prem’s feelings for Katha right from the day they get married. It’s the innocent emotions and thoughts experienced by the bride and the groom that makes up the main theme of the song. Manan Bharadwaj is a multi-talented director, producer, writer and singer. He has also composed and sung this soothing piece that shares a little similarity to the old “Aaj Ke Baad” song from Padman. Tulsi Kumar, our much loved Radio Jockey has sung the song along with Manan and done it well.


Pasoori Nu

The idea for this song has been borrowed from the original Pasoori Nu song by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill. Remember how that song became an overnight sensation? The song was on every person’s lips. It could be seen on almost every screen but we need to appreciate Rochak Kohli and Ali Sethi’s fabulous music for this new version of Pasoori. Gurpreet Saini and Ali Sethi tweaked the lyrics to make it sound simple, uncomplicated and relatable to the movie theme. You’ll love and enjoy singing along with the lyrics. Hats off to singers Arijeet and Tulsi who have maintained the intricacies of the original number with the Arabic and Punjabi touch. On the other hand, it was a turn off because it lacked originality and innovation. The revamping thing, quite common in Bollywood, doesn’t always work.


Raat Baki

People are loving Kiara Advani’s chemistry with Kartik Aaryan. In this song, you get to see a lot of dazzle, glitz and glamor. There is an infusion of traditional Gujarati Garba beats with the beats of a mundane item number. Meet Bros did a fantastic job with the composition. Kumaar wrote the lyrics keeping in mind a romantic garba night and how to celebrate it but the lyrics are not that creative. We have already heard so many festive dance numbers like Raat Baaki, that we look for something new and refreshing in terms of the lyrics and music. Listeners are glad to hear Monali Thakur’s heavenly voice after so long. Monali Thakur along with Piyush Mehroliyaa and Meet Bros successfully create a dazzling festive atmosphere with their class apart singing and perfect notes.


Sun Sajni

This dhinchak number is composed by the popular composer duo Meet Bros from Gwalior, Manmeet and Harmeet. The music is a perfect high energy dance track that can set the stage on fire. Kumaar’s lyrics are an ode to your Sajni or better half. Meet Bros, Parampara Tandon and Piyush Mehroliya have sung it so well that you’ll experience the fun vibes of this song every time you hear it. Each of the singers have a different voice texture that makes the song more interesting. This melody will surely turn out to be the number 1 dance hit of the year. A lot of attention has been given to Kiara and Kartik’s costumes which have ethnic Gujarati elements infused with modern styles.



Gujju Pataka

This one is the mind-boggling item number with the dhinchak lyrics by Kumaar. The music video does not make much sense or more precisely, it is not in sync with the lyrics. It takes some time to understand that in the video, Kartik Aaryan is dancing at weddings. He can be seen at a Christian wedding, a Muslim wedding and a Tamilian wedding.

Bosco Caesar has taken care of the fabulous choreography. Meet Bros are simply awesome with their music, pitch, voice modulation and everything. They sing this song in their raging style but after listening to this track for a while, you’ll feel that it is not that pleasing to the ears. The song depicts Kartik Aaryan’s Gujjuness in the film. In the quest to fit into a typical Bollywood item number, this song has lost out on its magic.



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OUR PICK(S): We choose Naseeb Se as our favorite song from the album.