Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: A Mini Guide to Playing GaanaP’s Live and Fun Music Games

Want to be a rockstar?? Want to show the world your Bollywood music knowledge? Here’s your chance!! Just log in to the Gaana Pehchaana app and experience the fun. You can play games by yourself, invite a friend to play against you, or register for a Live event. 

If you are used to hustling hard in an office environment, you’ll know how some days can be long and tiring. All of us seek change and thus we play different games, music games etc. Our games are about guessing songs after hearing a short clip of the song. Whether it’s a tea time diversion or festival time, the GaanaP games come to the rescue of many. You can play them in a corporate setting, at home, in a restaurant, in the car or anywhere else.

GaanaP Live! for Everyone

GaanaP Live! events have host-run games that are best for office parties and private gatherings. The games are specially designed to be an icebreaker that can be enjoyed by everyone.  They are a live version of the games on our app that can be easily hosted by you, or a team member from Gaana Pehchaana.

Users can design their private events with specially customized content that will appeal to their audience. You can have your favorite songs in the games by customizing the decades and difficulty levels.

GaanaP live events are an awesome way to enjoy birthdays, anniversaries and other festivals. 

These live games are perfect to be played in the workplace. For example, you can incorporate GaanaP Live! into team building events to make the teams come close and make their bond stronger. It takes the employees away from work stress for a while and makes them come together to have a fun, gala time.

Games For Rockstars


Let’s talk about the exciting games on the GaanaPehchaana app.

Select Your Level & Decade

First, you need to select suitable levels for any game/s you want to play. There are 5 levels based on the difficulty of the clips. Sa is the easiest level. Pa is the most difficult level. 

You can also select decades based on your choice. You might have a liking for the golden oldies from the 50s, 60s  or modern hits of todays’ decades. Based on that, you need to choose your decades. The clips for all games will be presented to you based on your choices of Levels and Decades. You have to make these choices only the first time before playing the games (unless you want to change them).

  • The diamond disc represents bonus points for a game. 

Bhagam Bhag

For Bhagam Bhag, first select a level, then choose the decade. After that, click Let’s Play. The song clip will begin playing. Be fast and identify the songs within a minute. The higher the difficulty level, the higher your score will be. 

Use 2X booster to step up your game. You can double your points by using it before you enter the round at a token cost.


Theek Thaak Ho

For Theek Thaak Ho, Player 1 has to select a difficulty level and suitable decade, after that the first player invites the second one to join. Player 1 begins the game. The first player needs to select a tile and click the music note on it. The short clip behind the tile plays with multiple choice answers. In cas  the first player chooses the correct answer, an X will be placed on the tile. If the answer is not right, the tile will be back in place for Player 2. After that, the second player will choose a tile and recognise the clip. In case, the second player chooses the right answer, an “O” will be placed inside the tile. If the answer turns out to be wrong, the tile will be back in play for the other player. The very first player to get three consecutive X’s and O’s in one line will win. In case, all the 9 tiles are already played and there are no three in a row, the game will be a draw.


To play Ansuna, you need to first choose the difficulty level out of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa like usual. After that, select the appropriate decades. For each game, four song names are provided, but just 3 song clips are played automatically one after the other. You need to recognise which of the songs is “Ansuna”, before the time is over. As soon as you identify a song, click on the name of the song at the very bottom. After you recognise 3 songs, the remaining unselected clip is your “Ansuna” answer. Submit your answer.  After recognising a song, you can start the next clip by clicking the PLAY button for that clip. You can replay the clips as often as you want by clicking on the play button for each clip as long as you have time left.

Aur Sunao

In Aur Sunao, choose the Difficulty Levels and the Decades as usual. Click on the Let’s Play button. A song clip will play for some seconds and stop. Every clip is divided into ‘N’ Segments. If you have not recognised the clip, you can click on the mic icon to play for a few more seconds. The score reduces by 1 for every new segment played. Use Double Shot if you are sure about your song choice. You can boost your points even more with this booster at a token cost.


Teen Maar Khan

In Teen Maar Khan, after selecting a preferable decade, you can select a TMK game from that category, click on the Let’s Play button to listen to the songs, choose your answer, move on to the next level if the answer is correct. Correct answers are given points as per the clip level. If the answer is wrong, try again at the same level. After 3 wrong chances, the game will end. You can click on the 50:50 button to remove 2 wrong options at the cost of a token. Compete with other players to be at the top of the Leaderboard.

More Options

Gaana Pehchaana also gives you the chance to win free tokens by watching ads, winning daily rewards, referring to a friend or with the help of Promo Codes. The “Did You Know” feature comes up with a new Bollywood music fact every day. This keeps you well-informed about Bollywood Music facts that you never heard before. We also publish interesting blogs and reviews, so that you can enjoy the most happening Bollywood Music stories, learn new things, know which are the best, latest trending songs and come across the most interesting Hindi film music news in town. Just go ahead and install the app from the app store or play store to discover a whole new world of music games.

It’s time to prove yourself a rockstar by being a champion of Bollywood musical games.


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