Unleashing the Power of Music in the Workplace with Corporate Music Trivia Game

Whether you own a small business or a giant company, hearing the words “company culture” might give you some stress. Even though, it shouldn’t!

Do you think a music game app like Gaana Pehchaana (a.k.a GaanaP), can influence the corporate culture? Let’s find out more about how corporate music trivia games are changing things in the workplace!!

What exactly do we mean by company culture?

Company culture is basically the heart and personality of a company.

It defines the environment in which employees do their work. It includes different elements, including the work environment, mission of the company, the values, expectations, ethics and targets.

Why is company culture so crucial?

It is the reason behind high productivity, improved morale, high employee engagement, greater sales and creativity, low turnover and a lot more.

Research suggests that 56% of workers ranked a positive and stable workplace culture to be of more importance than salary. More than 3 workers out of four suggested that the company culture is thousand times more important than salary. They would first look at the company culture and then apply for a job.

Creating a good enough company culture, never requires a lot of budget. Despite your financial condition, company size and industry, constructing a good enough company culture is totally within your power.

If you can invest your precious time and interest for the happiness and well being of your employees, you’ll be able to build a positive company culture. 

Music is a great way to develop a happy company culture

You can use music to construct a good enough company culture.

It is well known that music can bring people closer. Whether it’s bonding over the nostalgia of a favourite number or enjoying the vibes of a live performance, people feel like they belong to each other through the means of music.

It’s an amazing feeling to understand the importance of music in the workplace and how we can make use of it to construct strong communities inside our organisations. Strong communities are all about shared values, attitudes and beliefs which make up the spinal cord of company culture.

Make use of the Perfect Tool

In today’s technologically advanced world, employers find themselves seeking online solutions and mobile apps to reach their employees. It’s normal that the tools used by you will expand with time and it’s really important.

The Gaana Pehchaana music game app comes to the scene in such situations.

First of all, the app has lots of games to create a fun, positive atmosphere in the office.

All of  the games on the app are based on a simple concept of listening to a short clip of a song and saying “Gaana Pehchaana!” by clicking on your answer from a multiple choice list.   In GaanaP games, you can set your choice of music decades and difficulty level. The higher your difficulty level, the more points you’ll score.  If you recognise the clip before half time, you’ll win BONUS points.

And now a quick tour of the GaanaP games that can be the heart of your corporate events and culture / team building!

In Bhagam Bhag, you have one minute  to recognise as many songs as you can.   Theek Thak Ho is the musical version of Tic Tac Toe that we used to play as kids. It is played by more than 2 players. This game will take you back to your school days.

Teen Maar Khan on the other hand is all about taking the 3 brave chances to guess a song as the clips slowly get more and more difficult. In Aur Sunao, you get to listen to more and more of the clip.  In case you don’t recognise it early, you can ask “Aur Sunao” and hear more of the clip till you recongize it.

Gaana Pehchaana Games are perfect for Office parties

For most people working in an office, days can be long and boring because of the mundane everyday activities. In such situations, hosting fun musical games will prove to be a diversion and can easily recharge the employees. These games can be played during special parties or on a normal work day. In fact, these games can also be played as a tea time diversion or whenever you need to have some fun as well as give a halt to the boring routine.  Or maybe you have a special team building or strategy session – what better way to kick things off and lighten the mood than a music-based GaanaP team competition?

What is team building and how GaanaP can help in team building?

Team Building is basically the procedure of building a team that can cohesively work with each other towards achieving a common end goal. The main reason behind team building is to build a sturdy team with strong bonds and connections between the team members. Building these bonds is crucial to enterprises and organisations. The major benefits of team building are good communication, impeccable planning, increased employee motivation and collaboration. Organizing a Gaana Pehchaana event where all team members actively play the games in a friendly competition will result in strengthening the bond between the team members. As the games are set in a quiz format, it will make everyone use their brains as well as have fun. You can prove yourself to be a Wikipedia of Bollywood music. 

You can make teams and play against each other which will give more scope for interaction and create a positive environment in the workplace. Fun activities allow people to visualise each other in a different light and help them to connect in a different setting. 

How GaanaP Live Leverages the power of Music for Team Building and Corporate Entertainment

 For corporate events and gatherings, you guys can log in to the GaanaP app or website and book your live event. The live event is hosted by team members from GaanaP.  Soon, you will also have the ability to run the event yourself!  Participants can play virtually or in-person via Zoom. You can set up several rounds and you can play team games as well. If you guys love Bollywood music, you’ll surely have a lot of fun participating in our live events. Enjoy the games over fun, laughter and snacks.

The Blogs and Trivia feature will expand your knowledge

Feeling tense at work? Bored with the same routine at work? Don’t worry. GaanaPehchaana comes up with its weekly dose of blogs and trivia to expand your knowledge horizon, keep you updated and make you feel good. If you love reading and learning new things, you and your teammates will surely love these features on the app. The best part is that it will give you guys something interesting to talk about. You can scroll through these in between work to feel good.


We are confident that the human resources department at your company would find the Gaana Pehchaana app to be of great help for improving the work culture, promoting a better environment and enhancing the work life balance. Install the app on PlayStore or AppStore to proceed on an exciting musical journey.   Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more and book your owne event.  Let’s see how the power of music and musical games can change your workplace.


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