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The Soundtrack For “Phamous”- A Film On Men And Moustaches Falls Short On Chivalry
By: Shubham/Admin





Album Info

Music: Krsna Solo, Sundeep Goswami, Surya Vishwakarma

Lyrics: Puneet Sharma, Naveen Tyagi

Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Priyanka Negi, Sundeep Goswami, Jubin Nautiyal, Jonita Gandhi

Album Released: May 2018


The first thing that comes to our mind when we see a film on tough men and moustaches is that it might not have a charming soundtrack. This thrilling film is shown to be set in the horrifying Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh, also known as the Wild West of India. There exists a horrifying power struggle between the four principal characters. To know more about this spine-tingling film, you have to watch it, but the well-known musical talents who have worked hard to create the fantastic musical album deserve plenty of accolades.


Let’s enjoy the GaanaP review for the songs from “Phamous” below.




Krsna Solo or Amitav Sarkar, a popular Indian composer, singer, song-writer and music producer has composed the swift-paced, loud and rough music for “Bandook”. Puneet Sharma spruces up the lyrics with some feisty words. Vishal Dadlani’s singing remains apt and perfect for the theme of the song and brings out the real feel of it. Rating: 2/5




This song was supposed to be a rocking, super-sonic item number, but it failed to shine in the item number genre. Sundeep Goswami and Puneet Sharma add the quintessential rustic flavours with the music and the lyrics. Hats off to Priyanka Negi and Sundeep Goswami’s singing calibre, their voices come out smooth and easy and make the otherwise boring track sound good. Rating: 3/5


Dil Beparwah

Source: www.

“Dil Beparwah” is an extremely dreamy and soothing melody which will straightaway pierce in through your heart and make you feel all happy and mushy. All the credits especially go to Jubin Nautiyal and Jonita Gandhi. Their heavenly voices cast a spell. Time will seem to stop, once you start listening to this song. Sundeep Goswami, Surya Vishwakarma and Naveen Tyagi deserve equal appreciation for their creativity with the music and the lyrics. Rating: 5/5


We aren’t completely disappointed with the “Phamous” soundtrack the way we thought we would. Songs like “Dil Beparwah” are sure to be on continuous loop for a long long time. Hope you all enjoyed the fantasy-driven film with macho characters. To listen to the songs from “Phamous”, visit, to play engaging Bollywood Musical Games click  Bollywood Musical games or read interesting blogs and reviews on GaanaP!


OUR PICK(S): We choose “Dil Beparwah” as our most favourite song from the album

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