Hindi Film Music (HFM) - A National Treasure

Gaana Pehchaana's Mission

To increase the appreciation of Hindi Film Music (HFM) through quizzes, games, blogs and other content that will entertain and inform HFM fans!

Hindi Film Music (HFM) - A National Treasure

Hindi films have delighted audiences and listeners with their music from as far back as the 1930's all the way to today and are truly a national treasure! The music from the films has consistently set a higher standard of excellence and entertainment than the films themselves, and often outlasts them in popularity by decades. Yet, the people behind these songs - composers, singers, lyricists and instrumentalists - don't get anywhere near the recognition that the stars acting in the films do. Gaana Pehchaana is a small effort to pay tribute to all these artists and their creations which have enriched the lives of millions of people over many decades.

We believe that HFM is a cultural treasure and we encourage all HFM fans to …

  • Listen, really listen, to the music
  • Understand and appreciate the lyrics
  • Explore songs from all decades
  • Buy your copies of the music

And by doing so, honor all HFM singers, composers, musicians, lyricists.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions);

Question: Do I need to pay for playing games?

Answer: No, currently all games are free. However, in the very near future we will introduce a ‘subscription’ model, Depending on the subscription you choose, your access to the number of games you can play, blogs you can read, songs you can closeted to, may be affected.

Question: Can I download songs from your site?

Answer: Not at all. We encourage you to buy your own copies of the music. We are purely an audio-streaming site from a Radio perspective, but our core concept is to play GAMES based on Bollywood Music.

Question: What is the concept of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa when I am playing a game?

Answer: All our music clips are ‘rated’ by their difficulty levels. As you move from a Sa level clip to Pa level clip, the clips get more difficult to guess, thus making the games more interesting.

Question: Do I win something as I climb up on the Leaderboard?

Answer: Absolutely! Every now and then we run promos and specials where we send Gift Cards to our loyal fan base encouraging them to play more and climb up on the leaderboard.

Meet the GP Team

Ram Seetharam, President of Gaana Pehchaana, is the creator of the concepts reflected in Gaana Pehchaana (GP). First started as live events in Houston, Texas, GP has grown to online games and apps.  Ram is deeply passionate about Hindi Film Music (HFM) and has been an avid listener for over 4 decades.  He is currently receiving training in Hindustani Classical music.  Ram also has pursued a successful career in the energy industry in the upstream sector for the past 25 years.   Ram is a graduate of IIT Madras and the University of Houston, with advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering.

Vikas Bhatnagar, Vice-President of Gaana Pehchaana,  is equally passionate about Bollywood music. His involvement with GP started with several wins at live GP events, including earning the title of GP Ustaad.   Vikas, often referred to as the Walking Encyclopedia of Hindi Movies, takes pride in the fact that his knowledge of Hindi songs/movies spans across decades and covers almost the entire gamut – knowledge about the singer, music director, who it was picturized on, the raaga, behind the scenes stories and the complete lyrics of the song! Vikas lives in San Antonio, Texas, and has been in the US for the past 20 years after having done his MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

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