• Check the required boxes to define your preferences on Decades, Difficulty and # of clips. Choose Single Player in the Game Type box.
  • Click on "New Game" to generate a new game. Click on "Start Game" to start the clips. Check boxes will appear next to each clip.
  • As each clip plays, click on the box next to the clip you think you just heard. After all clips have played, the remaining unchecked box is the answer - the Ansuna clip.
  • Click on the Show Answer button. Your score will be displayed on the panel on the right. If you answered correctly, your score is calculated as per the "Difficulty Level" of the clip (Increasing score from Sa to Re to Ga to Ma to Pa)). This score will be added to your Ansuna leaderboard score.
  • Continue your fun - click on New Game and start another Ansuna game!

Please choose below the no of clips to be played randomly.

No Of Clips: