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Our Goal at Gaana Pechaana is to provide entertainment for fans of Bollywood music through a variety of unique games, blogs, and other content centered around Hindi film music.
GaanaP Music game app
Gaana Pehchaana music game app


An Invaluable Cultural Heritage

For several decades, Hindi films have been a source of delight for audiences with their music, and are considered a cultural treasure. Since the 1930s up to today, the music from these films has set a high standard of excellence and entertainment that often surpasses the films themselves and endures in popularity for decades. Despite this, the individuals responsible for creating these iconic songs, including composers, singers, lyricists, and instrumentalists, rarely receive the recognition that film actors do. Gaana Pehchaana is a humble effort to pay homage to all of these artists and their creations, which have enriched the lives of millions of people for many generations.


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Our Mission

At GaanaP, we aim to delight Bollywood music enthusiasts by offering a range of fun and exciting quiz games, engaging blogs, and other captivating content related to Hindi film music.

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Test your Bollywood music knowledge with our fun and engaging quiz games. Play with friends and challenge yourself to identify popular songs!

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Gaana Pehchaana music game app


Meet GaanaP Team


The President Of Gaana Pehchaana


The President Of Gaana Pehchaana

Ram, President of Gaana Pehchaana, brought the concepts behind GaanaP to life. Initially entertaining friends in Houston, Texas with PowerPoint-based games, GaanaP is now developing these concepts as an app for smartphones. Ram has a deep passion for Hindi Film Music, being a fan for over 40 years and currently studying Hindustani Classical Music. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Ram has a successful 35-year career in the energy industry, including a degrees from IIT Madras and the University of Houston.


The Vice-President Of Gaana Pehchaana


The Vice-President Of Gaana Pehchaana

Vikas, the Vice-President of Gaana Pehchaana (GP), has a profound passion for Bollywood Music. He first became involved with GP by winning several games at live events and earning the title of GP Ustaad, Known as the “Walking Encyclopedia of Hindi Movies,” Vikas boasts a vast knowledge of Hindi songs, movies, and behind-the-scenes stories, and can even recall the complete lyrics of a song. He is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and has been in the US for 20 years, having obtained his MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Frequently Asked Questions

GaanaP (a.k.a. Gaana Pehchaana) offers you hours of fun musical quiz games. The concept is simple – listen to a short clip of a Hindi Bollywood song and guess the song from a multiple choice list. This basic concept is built into five game formats. Some of these you play on your own, others you can invite friends to play against. We also have a live event format where you can join and compete against other Bollywood music lovers! Coming soon to a town near you, or join us on Zoom!

You will need tokens to play the games. You get bonus tokens when you first register, then you can earn free tokens by watching ads on the app, referring a friend etc. You can also buy token packs ranging from very affordable small packs to better value larger token packs with bonus tokens. Click n the “Buy Tokens” and “Free Tokens” tiles on the home screen of the app.

Not at all. We encourage you to buy your own copies of the music. We do not play songs on our site or app. Just short clips as part of our games. Users cannot download either the songs or clips.

All our music clips are ‘rated’ by their difficulty levels. As you move from a Sa level clip to Pa level clip, the clips get more difficult to guess, thus making the games more interesting and challenging. You can customize all your games o the difficulty level that you prefer. You can also choose which decades of songs you want to hear the clips from – from golden oldies to today’s hits!

Yes. Leaderboard winners will get special pricing on token packs and bonus tokens so they can play more games. Occasionally, we run special contests where we send Gift Cards to our loyal fan base encouraging them to play more and climb up the leaderboard.