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Appreciate Hindi Film Music Through Quizzes, Games, Blogs and Radio

Celebrate Hindi Film Music in all its glory with Gaana Pehchaana. Gaana Pehchaana has a huge collection of Hindi Film Songs, from evergreen superhits to rare gems, cult classics and smashing new releases. We add new tracks every week. You can discover some captivating Bollywood Musical Games as well and catch up on the latest Music Album Reviews and Read Informative Blogs on Hindi Film Music. You can create Playlists with your favourite collection of songs and much more.

Hindi Film Music is truly a National Treasure. Gaana Pehchaana gives you all a golden opportunity to appreciate Bollywood Music through Musical quizzes, Hindi Film Music (HFM) Games, Blogs and other content that will entertain and inform all HFM Fans.

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To increase the appreciation of Hindi Film Music (HFM) through quizzes, games, blogs and other content that will entertain and inform HFM fans!

Hindi Film Music (HFM) - A National Treasure

Hindi films have delighted audiences and listeners with their music from as far back as the 1930's all the way to today and are truly a national treasure! The music from the films has consistently set a higher standard of excellence and entertainment than the films themselves, and often outlasts them in popularity by decades. Yet, the people behind these songs - composers, singers, lyricists and instrumentalists - don't get anywhere near the recognition that the stars acting in the films do. Gaana Pehchaana is a

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